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 Ebooks in Category Leaders & Notable People
  Abraham Lincoln
  Diary of a Refugee
  A Theft Condoned
  The life of Stonewall Jackson
  An overland journey from New York to San Francisco in the summer of 1859
  The Writings of Abraham Lincoln
  Fighting The Flying Circus by Eddie Rickenbacker
  Life Of James Mars A Slave Born And Sold In Connecticut Written By Himself
  Women of the war their heroism and self-sacrifice
  Mr Bonaparte Of Corsica by John Kendrick Bangs Mirror
  Life in the Red Brigade
  Little Wolf by John Neihardt
  Personal Memoirs of US Grant
  The Boys Life of Abraham Lincoln
  Bullets and Billets
  Memoirs Of Napoleon Volume 03 by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
  Biographical Memoirs V 83
  Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak or Black Hawk embracing the tradition
  Pioneering the Upper Midwest Books from Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin ca 1820 1910
  Life In The Confederate Army And Some Experiences And Sketches Of Southern Life by Arthur Peronneau Ford And Marion Johnstone Ford
  A Narrative of the Adventures and Escape of Moses Roper from American Slavery
  Life of Stephen A Douglas to which are added his speeches and reports
  My Day Reminiscences of a Long Life
  Court Memoirs Of France Series Complete
  At The Sign Of The Cat And Racket
  Boots and Saddles: Or Life in Dakota with General Custer
  Little Jack Rabbit and the Big Brown Bear
  James Williams An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry by William Graves
  Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
  A discourse on the religion of the Indian tribes of North America
  A Life of Gen Robert E Lee by John Esten Cooke
  Life of Mary F McCray Born and Raised a Slave in the State of Kentucky
  On the Trail of Grant and Lee
  Foliage by William H Davies
  Memoirs Of Napoleon Volume 07 by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
  Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society
  Extract from a speech by Alexander H Stephens vice-president of the Confederate States delivered in the secession convention of Georgia January 1861
  Memoirs Of Napoleon Volume 08 by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
  California Chronicle News From The California Historical Society by California Historical Society
  A Sermon Preached In St Lukes Church Philadelphia October 11 1865 Before The General Convention Of The Protestant Episcopal Church
  Our Brave Rough and Ready
  First Offensive The Marine Campaign For Guadalcanal by Henry I Shaw
  Lights and shadows of army life or Pen pictures from the battlefield the camp and the hospital By Rev W W Lyle
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