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Sometimes I hear fine ladies sing,
  Sometimes I smoke and drink with men;
Sometimes I play at games of cards—­
  Judge me to be no strong man then.

The strongest moment of my life
  Is when I think about the poor;
When, like a spring that rain has fed,
  My pity rises more and more.

The flower that loves the warmth and light,
  Has all its mornings bathed in dew;
My heart has moments wet with tears,
  My weakness is they are so few.


Good morning, Life—­and all
Things glad and beautiful. 
My pockets nothing hold,
But he that owns the gold,
The Sun, is my great friend—­
His spending has no end.

Hail to the morning sky,
Which bright clouds measure high;
Hail to you birds whose throats
Would number leaves by notes;
Hail to you shady bowers,
And you green fields of flowers.

Hail to you women fair,
That make a show so rare
In cloth as white as milk—­
Be't calico or silk: 
Good morning, Life—­and all
Things glad and beautiful.

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 No. 50
 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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