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Life of Mary F McCray Born and Raised a Slave in the State of Kentucky

It is after much meditation and prayer that we undertake the task before us, for the reason that we feel keenly our inability to do justice in writing this book, the subject of which said many times during the last two years of her life that she believed that if the history of her life was written it would be a great blessing to many who are burdened down with the cares of this life, and who know nothing or little of Him who has said, "Cast all your burdens on Me, for I care for you." For we can truly say that the subject of this sketch did know some things about the trials of this life, for she was born in the dark dark days of slavery, when there was not a ray of light for the freedom of the colored race. We hope that the reader will bear with us for speaking of the bondage of the colored race in this United States, as the subject was once a slave, and the enslavement of the colored race was a terrible curse on the American people. Our blessed Lord, in His own good time, said that they had suffered enough, so slavery was destroyed by a terrible war and the loss of many lives. But at the present time there is a greater curse on this nation than the enslavement of the colored race, that is, the awful curse of the liquor traffic, which touches every man, woman and child. Many volumes might be written on this terrible curse, but it would be impossible to begin to tell of the suffering it brings

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 No. 53
 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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