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How You Can Help in Honduras

First I wish to start by saying this project has had a tremendous impact on me and a new restored faith for the future of humanity. Once you read this eBook, I hope you will also feel the same.

You see, recently after the Online Think Tank was rapping up a research report and action plan for the poverty stricken urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya we quickly realized that even if the plan were implemented tomorrow; 100s of thousands of people would die before it was completed. There the problems and shear numbers of HIV/AIDS infected people are living surrounded by ditches filled with raw sewage; it was a challenge to attempt to put together any sort of solution.

It indeed takes its toll on the psyche and the reality of what should be done is really unthinkable. One slum has 800,000 people living in less than a 2.8 square mile area. While at an all time mental low after confronting the challenges and facing the reality head-on in Africa, I glanced at a headline in a US Today Newspaper in the lobby of the hotel and I noticed Jenna Bush was announcing her new book about a single mom in Panama living with HIV. Jenna is putting a real human face on the problems after spending time as an intern for UNICEF in Central America. The very next day I began my research.

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 Posted on 5 June, 2007
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