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Introduction to Dreamweaver MX

In this section, you will learn what is Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and what are the advantages of Dreamweaver MX.

Dreamweaver MX is the most dynamic HTML editor available off the shelf. With the help of this HTML Editor you can create powerful web sites that have animations, graphics, and complex scripting. You can create web sites linked with databases and more. Dreamweaver gives you the power of adding components such as flash animated buttons, Mouse rollover scripts, Navigation bar with menu's and so on.

The MX technology is the new state of the art technology devised by Macromedia that integrates, client, tool and server technologies together in order to give your website an extra edge over others.
The advantages of Dreamweaver are:
Easy to use menus: The Dreamweaver interface provides you with extensive menu driven options with the help of which, you can create powerful, yet complex websites easily and with in no time.
Supported Technologies: Dreamweaver enables you to use technologies such as PHP, ASP, CFML and more so that you save time and effort spent in creating complex codes for programming.

Extension Manager: Dreamweaver provides you with an extension manager, with the help of which you can download code snippets and various behaviors from the macromedia website that helps you to integrate technologies like Shopping carts, Dynamic HTML menus, Javascripts and more.

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