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NAD Therapy Too Good to be True

Extracts from the Foreword by Dr Abram Hoffer: (Honoured by the Institute for Functional Medicine as one of the 5 pioneers of the new medicine for the 21st Century)

"I congratulate Theo Verwey and his colleagues for this remarkable advance in formulating the EMD concept and in using two simple blood tests the lactate and pyruvate, and especially the ratio of pyruvate to lactate (Energy Value I) as diagnostic measures, to indicate the dose, duration of NAD Therapy etc. I realize that he has made a very complete review of the literature. For instance, not many know about our 1960 studies with oral NAD".

"When the clinical founded Energy Values based on the lactate and pyruvate blood tests and the NAD Therapy protocols outlined in NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? are emperically confirmed there will be an enormous change in modern psychiatry. It will mark the retirement of the present psychiatric paradigm which can be best described as a system which uses descriptive diagnostic terms which have no causal or treatment relevance. The new system will depend upon laboratory tests to determine where the error in the metabolism of the body lies and will indicate which nutrients should be used to correct that error".

"For these reasons I consider the information in NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? so valuable and important and I fully expect to see the corroboration of this work world wide once it becomes known to the medical profession and even more when the general public of sick people and their families hear about it". A. Hoffer, MD PhD FRCP(C),
Victoria, British Columbia, April 2002


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 Posted on 10 June, 2006
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