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XML Bible

Preface (314K) 
Part I. Introducing XML 
Chapter 1. An Eagle's Eye View of XML (92K)
Chapter 2. An Introduction to XML Application (193K)
Chapter 3. Your First XML Document (85K)
Chapter 4. Structuring Data (304K)
Chapter 5. Attributes, Empty Tags, and XSL (338K)
Chapter 6. Well-Formed XML Documents (162K)
Chapter 7. Foreign Languages and Non-Roman Text (302K) 
Part II. Document Type Definitions 
Chapter 8. Document Type Definitions and Validity (318K)
Chapter 9. Entities and External DTD Subsets (178K)
Chapter 10. Attribute Declarations in DTDs (106K)
Chapter 11. Embedding Non-XML Data (82K) 
Part III. Style Languages 
Chapter 12. Cascading Style Sheets Level 1 (799K)
Chapter 13. Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 (186K)
Chapter 14. XSL Transformations (362K)
Chapter 15. XSL Formatting Objects (235K) 
Part IV. Supplemental Technologies 
Chapter 16. XLinks (150K)
Chapter 17. XPointers (108K)
Chapter 18. Namespaces (71K)
Chapter 19. The Resource Description Framework (297K) 
Part V. XML Applications 
Chapter 20. Reading Document Type Definitions (351K)
Chapter 21. Pushing Web Sites with CDF (238K)
Chapter 22. The Vector Markup Language (291K)
Chapter 23. Designing a New XML Application (153K) 
Appendix A. XML Reference Material (187K)
Appendix B. The XML 1.0 Specification (169K)
Appendix C. What's on the CD-ROM (26K)


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 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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