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Java 3D API Tutorial

The Java 3D API is a hierarchy of JavaTM classes which serve as the interface to a sophisticated three-dimensional graphics and sound rendering system. Java 3D provides high-level constructs to create and manipulate 3D geometry, and to build the structures used to render that geometry. Using this API, developers can efficiently create precise virtual universes in a wide variety of sizes, from astronomical to subatomic.

Despite all of this functionality, the API is straightforward to use. The details of rendering are handled automatically. By taking advantage of Java threads, the Java 3D renderer is capable of rendering in parallel. The renderer can also automatically optimize for improved rendering performance.

This tutorial introduces the main concepts of the Java 3D API, including many code samples, examples, and diagrams. You can view chapters online or download the PDF file

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 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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