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Illustrated History of Furniture - From the Earliest to the Present Time
BIBLICAL REFERENCES:  Solomon’s House and Temple—­Palace of Ahashuerus.  ASSYRIAN FURNITURE:  Nimrod’s Palace—­Mr. George Smith quoted.  EGYPTIAN FURNITURE:  Specimens in the British Museum—­The Workman’s Stool—­Various articles of Domestic Furniture—­Dr. Birch quoted.  GREEK FURNITURE:  The Bas Reliefs in the British Museum—­The Chest of Cypselus—­Laws and Customs of the Greeks—­House of Alcibiades—­Plutarch quoted.  ROMAN FURNITURE:  Position of Rome—­The Roman House—­Cicero’s Table—­Thyine Wood—­Customs of wealthy Romans—­Downfall of the Empire.

Chapter II.

Period of 1000 years from Fall of Rome, A.D. 476, to Capture of Constantinople, 1453—­The Crusades—­Influence of Christianity—­Chairs of St. Peter and Maximian at Rome, Ravenna and Venice—­Edict of Leo III. prohibiting Image worship—­The Rise of Venice—­Charlemagne and his successors—­The Chair of Dagobert—­Byzantine character of Furniture—­Norwegian carving—­Russian and Scandinavian—­The Anglo-Saxons—­Sir Walter Scott quoted—­Descriptions of Anglo-Saxon Houses and Customs—­Art in Flemish Cities—­Gothic Architecture—­The Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey—­Penshurst—­French Furniture in the 14th Century—­Description of rooms—­The South Kensington Museum—­Transition from Gothic to Renaissance—­German carved work:  the Credence, the Buffet, and Dressoir.


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 No. 418
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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