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Frank Merriwell at Yale by Burt L Standish



I—­Trouble Brewing
II—­Challenged and Hazed
III—­The Blow
IV—­The Fight
V—­The Finish
VI—­A Fresh Council
VII—­A Surprise
VIII—­The "Roast" at East Rock
IX—­The Duel
X—­At Morey's
XI—­"Lambda Chi!"
XII—­Freshman Against Sophomore
XIII—­Jubilant Freshmen
XIV—­The Rush
XV—­On the Ball Field
XVI—­To Break an Enemy's Wrist
XVII—­Talking it Over
XVIII—­Merriwell and Rattleton
XIX—­Who is the Traitor? 
XX—­A Hot Chase
XXI—­Roast Turkey
XXII—­A Surprise for Frank
XXIII—­The Yale Spirit
XXIV—­Gordon Expresses Himself
XXV—­The Traitor Discovered
XXVI—­The Race
XXVII—­A Change of Pitchers
XXVIII—­The Game Grows Hotter


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 No. 408
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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