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Dave Darrins Third Year at Annapolis Leaders of the Second Class Midshipmen by H Irving Hancock

XVII.  An affair of sulks.

  XVIII.  The class meeting SITS as jury.

    XIX.  Dave stands on principle.

     XX.  "Don't be A fool, Darry!"

    XXI.  Midshipman Jetson has the floor.

   XXII.  The BIRTH of A gentleman.

  XXIII.  "RAGGED" And no mistake.


Dave Darrin's Third Year at Annapolis



"So Tom Reade and Harry Hazelton have been here?" demanded Midshipman Dave Darrin.

That handsome young member of the brigade of midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis was now in mufti, or cits,—­meaning, in other words, that he was out of his Naval uniform and attired in the conventional clothing of a young American when calling on his sweetheart.

It will make the situation even clearer to the reader to explain that Dave was back in the home town, on his September leave, after just having completed his second summer practice cruise with the three upper classes from Annapolis.

Dave was now a fine looking and "husky" second classman.  He was just a shade more than half way through his course of instruction at Annapolis.

Being back in the home town, where would Midshipman Darrin be more naturally found than in the parlor at the home of his sweetheart, Miss Belle Meade?

The first greetings had been exchanged fifteen minutes before.

Since that time the young people, being sweethearts as they were, had naturally talked about themselves.

And Dave, who, in the Naval service, was fast learning to become a good listener, had been content to have Belle do most of the talking, while he sat back watching the motions of her pretty lips and catching glimpses of two rows of pearly teeth.

But now Belle had just mentioned two of Dave's former High School chums.


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 No. 395
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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