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Improving Aircraft Safety

Improving Aircraft Safety

Front Matter i-xxii
 Introduction and Summary of Recommendations 1-18 (skim)
 Type Certification and Rule Making 19-48 (skim)
 Production and Maintenance 49-72 (skim)
 Leadership and Advice 73-78 (skim)
 References 79-83 (skim)
 Appendices 84-84 (skim)
 A: Presentations at Public Meetings, January 21-23, 1980 85-86 (skim)
 B: Excerpts From Official Accident Reports 87-100 (skim)
 C: Fatal Accidents Attributed Primarily to Airframe, Powerplant , and Systems Failure on Jet Transport Aircraft

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 No. 387
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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