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To make a life, as well as to make a living, is one of the supreme
objects for which we must all struggle.  The sooner we realize what
this means, the greater and more worthy will be the life which we
shall make.

In putting together the brief life stories and incidents from
great lives which make up the pages of this little volume, the
writer's object has been to show young people that, no matter how
humble their birth or circumstances, they may make lives that will
be held up as examples to future generations, even as these
stories show how boys, handicapped by poverty and the most
discouraging surroundings, yet succeeded so that they are held up
as models to the boys of to-day.

No boy or girl can learn too early in life the value of time and
the opportunities within reach of the humblest children of the
twentieth century to enable them to make of themselves noble men
and women.

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 No. 384
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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