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The Heart of Rome

The heart of Rome at nine o'clock in the morning, to be sure of finding Donna Clementina at home.  She had tried twice to telephone, on the previous afternoon, but the central office had answered that "the communication was interrupted."  She was very anxious to see Clementina at once, in order to get her support for a new and complicated charity.  She only wanted the name, and expected nothing else, for the Conti had very little ready money, though they still lived as if they were rich.  This did not matter to their friends, but was a source of constant anxiety to their creditors, and to the good Pompeo Sassi, the steward of the ruined estate.  He alone knew what the Conti owed, for none of them knew much about it themselves, though he had done his best to make the state of things clear to them.

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 No. 358
 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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