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A Wanderer in Florence

Chapter I       The Duomo I:  Its Construction
Chapter II      The Duomo II:  Its Associations
Chapter III     The Duomo III:  A Ceremony and a Museum
Chapter IV      The Campanile and the Baptistery
Chapter V       The Riccardi Palace and the Medici
Chapter VI      S. Lorenzo and Michelangelo
Chapter VII     Or San Michele and the Palazzo Vecchio
Chapter VIII    The Uffizi I:  The Building and the Collectors
Chapter IX      The Uffizi II:  The First Six Rooms
Chapter X       The Uffizi III:  Botticelli
Chapter XI      The Uffizi IV:  Remaining Rooms
Chapter XII     "Aerial Fiesole"
Chapter XIII    The Badia and Dante
Chapter XIV     The Bargello
Chapter XV      S. Croce
Chapter XVI     The Accademia
Chapter XVII    Two Monasteries and a Procession
Chapter XVIII   S. Marco
Chapter XIX     The SS.  Annunziata and the Spedale Degli
Chapter XX      The Cascine and the Arno
Chapter XXI     S. Maria Novella
Chapter XXII    The Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele to S. Trinita
Chapter XXIII   The Pitti
Chapter XXIV    English Poets in Florence
Chapter XXV     The Carmine and San Miniato
Historical Chart of Florence and Europe, 1296-1564

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 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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