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The South Pole An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition


        The First Account
        Introduction, by Fridtjof Nansen
I.      The History of the South Pole
II.     Plan and Preparations
III.    On the Way to the South
IV.     From Madeira to the Barrier
V.      On the Barrier
VI.     Depot Journeys
VII.    Preparing for Winter
VIII.   A Day at Framheim
IX.     The End of the Winter
X.      The Start for the Pole
XI.     Through the Mountains
XII.    At the Pole
XIII.   The Return to Framheim
XIV.    Northward
XV.     The Eastern Sledge Journey
        By Lieutenant K. Prestrud
XVI.    The Voyage of the "Fram"
        By First-Lieutenant Thorvald Nilsen
        I. From Norway to the Barrier
        II. Off the Barrier
        III. From the Bay of Whales to Buenos Aires
        IV. The Oceanographical Cruise
        V. At Buenos Aires
        VI. From Buenos Aires to the Ross Barrier
        VII. From the Barrier to Buenos Aires, Via Hobart
Appendix I : The "Fram"
        By Commodore Christian Blom
Appendix II. : Remarks on the Meteorological Observations at
        By B. J. Birkeland
Appendix III: Geology
        By J. Schetelig
Appendix IV.: The Astronomical Observations at the Pole
        By A. Alexander, with Note by Professor H. Geelmuyden
Appendix V.: Oceanography
        By Professors Bjorn Helland-Hansen and Fridtjof Nansen

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 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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