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Out of Doors California and Oregon

Three Routes.

Beyond Temecula three routes are open to you.  By one of them you keep to the left, over winding roads full of interest and beauty, through a great oak grove at the eastern base of Mt.  Palomar.  Still proceeding through a forest of scattering oaks, you presently reach Warner's ranch through a gate.  Be sure and close all gates opened by you.  Only vandals leave gates open when they should be closed.

Warner's ranch is a vast meadow, mostly level, but sloping from northeast to southwest, with rolling hills and sunken valleys around its eastern edge.  A chain of mountains, steep and timber laden, almost encircles the ranch.  For a boundary mark on the northeastern side of the ranch, are steep, rocky and forbidding looking mountains.  Beyond them, the desert.  The ranch comprises some 57,000 acres, nearly all valley land.  It is well watered, filled with lakes, springs, meadows and running streams, all draining to its lowest point, and forming the head waters of the San Luis Rey River.

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 Posted on 9 June, 2006
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