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An Art Lovers Guide To The Exposition
Court of the Four Seasons
Court of Palms and Court of Flowers
Tower of Jewels, and Fountain of Energy
Palaces Facing the Avenue of Palms
Palaces Facing the Marina, and the Column of Progress
Palace of Machinery
South Gardens, Festival Hall, and Palace of Horticulture
Palace of Fine Arts
Outdoor Gallery of Sculpture
Fine Arts Galleries
State and Foreign Buildings, and Scattered Art Exhibits


This handbook is designed to furnish the information necessary for intelligent appreciation of the purely artistic features of the Exposition.  It is planned first to explain the symbolism of the architecture, sculpture and painting; and second, to point out the special qualities that give each artistic unit its individual appeal.  It is made for the intelligent observer who, having enjoyed the purely aesthetic impression of the various works of art, feels a legitimate curiosity about their meaning.

Everything possible has been done to make the volume a guide rather than merely a general treatise.  The chapter groupings are the most obviously serviceable ones.  Running heads will be found at the tops of the pages, and the sub-headings and catch-titles in each chapter are designed to make reference. to individual features as easy as possible.  A complete index is added at the end.

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 No. 35
 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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