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Code And Other Laws Of Cyberspace

In line with the guidelines for this project -- which are to update the book not rewrite it -- some obvious goals suggest themselves:

  • Identify the issues discussed in the chapter that have evolved in the six years or so since the book was written
  • Update the book's discussion of those issues as needed

However, to make the work of revising the book more than an exercise in graduate research, I'd like to try a couple of things (and remain open to other suggestions):

  • Identify the key terms in the chapter's argument and explain them and cross-reference (hyperlink) them to the rest of the book; in particular, focus on the "code is law" argument
  • Outline the central points in the chapter's argument and comment briefly upon how the events of the past six years have reinforced or weakened them

And my personal goals with regard both to this chapter and the Preface:

  • To revisit the distinctions Lessig draws between his view of cyberspace and my own and Vernor Vinge's -- doing this could create a conversational Chapter 1, which perhaps would be its own document separate from Code v.2

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 No. 310
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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