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Field Testing Genetically Modified Organisms Framework For Decisions

Front Matter i-xiv
 1 Executive Summary 1-6 (skim)
 2 Introduction 7-15 (skim)
 3 Past Experience with Genetic Modification of Plants and Their Introduction into the Environment 16-36 (skim)
 4 Enhanced Weediness: A Major Environmental Issue 37-53 (skim)
 5 Past Experience with the Introduction of Modified Plants: Molecular Genetic Techniques 54-64 (skim)
 6 Conclusions and Recommendations: Plants 65-76 (skim)
 7 Past Experience with the Introduction of Microorganisms into the Environment 77-85 (skim)
 8 Properties of the Genetic Modification 86-98 (skim)
 9 Phenotypic Properties of Source Microorganisms and Their Genetically Modified Derivatives 99-112 (skim)
 10 Properties of the Environment Relevant to the Introduction of Genetically Modified Microorganisms 113-122 (skim)
 11 Conclusions and Recommendations: Microorganisms 123-132 (skim)
 Appendix - Historical Overview of Nucleic Acid Biotechnology: 1973 to 1989 133-142 (skim)
 Literature Cited 143-164 (skim)
 Information on Committee Members

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 No. 306
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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