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Wild Youth Volume Complete

From the beginning, Askatoon had had more character and idiosyncrasy than any other town in the West.  Perhaps that was because many of its citizens had marked personality, while some were distinctly originaló≠a few so original as to be almost bizarre.  The general intelligence was high, and this made the place alert for the new observer.  It slept with one eye open; it waked with both eyes wideó≠as wide as the windows of the world.  The virtue of being bright and clever was a doctrine which had never been taught in Askatoon; it was as natural as eating and drinking.  Nothing ever really shook the place out of a wholesome control and composure.  Now and then, however, the flag of distress was hoisted, and everybody in the placeó≠from Patsy Kernaghan, the casual, at one end of the scale, and the Young Doctor, so called because he was young-looking when he first came to the place, who represented Askatoon in the meridian of its intellect, at the otheró≠had sudden paralysis.  That was the outstanding feature of Askatoon.  Some places made a noise and flung things about in times of distress; but Askatoon always stood still and fumbled with its collar-buttons, as though to get more air.  When it was poignantly moved, it leaned against the wall of its common sense, abashed, but vigilant and careful.

That is what it did when Mr. and Mrs. Joel Mazarine arrived at Askatoon to take possession of Tralee, the ranch which Michael Turley, abandoning because he had an unavoidable engagement in another world, left to his next of kin, with a legacy to another kinsman a little farther off.  The next of kin had proved to be Joel Mazarine, from one of those stern English counties on the borders of Quebec, where ancient tribal prejudices and religious hatreds give a necessary relief to hard-driven human nature.

Michael Turley had lived much to himself on his ranch, but that was because in his latter days he had developed a secret taste for spirituous liquors which he had no wish to share with others.  With the assistance of a bad cook and a constant spleen caused by resentment against the intervention of his priest, good Father Roche, he finished his career with great haste and without either becoming a nuisance to his neighbours or ruining his property.  The property was clear of mortgage or debt when he set out on his endless journey


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 No. 302
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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