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Government By The Brewers

When it was found impossible to suppress my writings by attempts to bribe me, men were hired to poison me.  After the failure of this plot to dispose of me, I was subjected to almost unbelievable insults, persecution, humiliation and injustice in the courts.

A friendly federal judge was besought to stop me by an injunction.  The United States Circuit Court of Appeals set it aside.

Four futile attempts were made to influence the Post Office authorities to deny me the use of the mails.

I was twice presented with the alternative of either agreeing to stop the publication of the truth or being thrown into jail on "framed" libel charges.  I chose the jail rather than renounce the right of the freedom of the press guaranteed me by the constitution of my country.

When even the jail could not silence me, a diabolical attempt was made to bury me alive in an institution for the insane, but when it was found impossible to discover the slightest trace of insanity, or drive me insane during a sojourn of a month among maniacs, I was released.

I verily believe that the honesty of the alienists in charge of the institution alone saved me from a living death.


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 No. 300
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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