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For Luncheon and Supper Guests


Meals of many courses are neither practical nor popular with the modern hostess.  For a company luncheon or supper it is not necessary to serve more than a hot dish, a salad, a biscuit or sandwich, a dessert and a beverage.  A first course and a relish may be provided if desired.


The following menus were arranged especially as Sunday night suppers, but they are equally suitable for midday luncheons or high teas.  Many of the dishes will be found desirable for afternoon teas or evening spreads, and for use in tea and lunch rooms, and for automobile picnics.


Preparations for Sunday night suppers should be made on Saturday as far as possible.  For a luncheon it is a help to have some things done the day before.  For picnics and parties much must be done in advance.  As an aid to the hostess we have listed after each menu what these preliminary preparations may be.


Many of the hot dishes may be prepared in a chafing dish or on an electric grill.  For these, much of the measuring may be done in advance, the ingredients being put in small dishes on a tray.  Coffee and tea may be made at the table with electric appliances.

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 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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