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Seventy Five Receips For Pastry Cakes And Sweetmeats by Miss Leslie

As all families are not provided with scales and weights, referring to the ingredients generally used in cakes and pastry, we subjoin a list of weights and measures.


Wheat flour one pound is one quart. 
Indian meal one pound, two ounces, is one quart. 
Butter—­when soft one pound is one quart. 
Loaf-sugar, broken one pound is one quart. 
White sugar, powdered one pound, one ounce, is one quart. 
Eggs ten eggs are one pound.


Sixteen large table-spoonfuls are                     half a pint.   Eight large table-spoonfuls are                       one gill.   Four large table-spoonfuls are                        half a gill.
A common-sized tumbler holds                          half a pint.   A common-sized wine-glass                             half a gill.

Allowing for accidental differences in the quality, freshness, dryness, and moisture of the articles, we believe this comparison between weight and measure, to be nearly correct as possible.


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 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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