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A Comprehensive Guide to IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3 5 by Ibm

This redbook helps you to understand the functions provided by the IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5 release. It focuses on the architectures and technologies implemented in this release, and helps you plan, install, configure and deploy your Host Access applications (3270, 5250) quickly in a wide variety of environments. In this redbook, you will find information on the installation, configuration and customization of these applications using the IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5 Studio to create Integration Objects that can be accessed from JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Java applets, Java servlets, Java stand-alone applications, Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) applications, XML applications and desktop Web browsers.

You will also find numerous configuration examples and scenarios showing ways to set up the IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5 server to access host applications from EJBs. In addition, this redbook provides a good description of the new Express Logon authentication feature and Remote Integration Object (RIO) support that allows you to access Integration Objects from client devices such as Web browsers, Java and XML applications.
A basic knowledge of Java technologies such as servlets, JavaBeans, EJBs, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), as well as XML applications and the terminology used in Web publishing, is assumed.


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 No. 277
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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