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Free For All How Linux And The Free Software Movement Undercut The High-tech Titans by Peter Wayner

Read this story of how a loose-knit group of programmers, dreamers, philosophers, geniuses and fools discovered the fact that that they could write better software in less time by just giving it all away. Follow the ecstasy, the triumphs, the battles, the failures, the treachery, the cooperation, the wrong turns, the teamwork, the struggles, and the backbiting on the road to triumph and total global domination.

"an entertaining, unabashedly partisan chronicle of the movement"--- the New Yorker.

"this is a story told with gusto..."--Kirkus Reviews

"Free for All offers as thorough and engaging an account of the open-source movement--and the pitfalls in its path--as readers are likely to find anywhere."-- Damien MacClean for

``Wayner himself is an open source proponent, and at one point he waxes philosophical about wealth and freedom, capturing the essence of the free software movement."--David Rouse, Booklist


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 No. 274
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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