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IBM Systems Monitor Anatomy of a Smart Agent by Ibm

This document describes the use of Systems Monitor for AIX Version 2
Release 2 and related IBM SystemView features. It describes ways in
which Systems Monitor can help in providing operational information
and control in a distributed systems environment.

The functions provided by Systems Monitor for AIX Version 2 are
described in detail, including the ability to distribute network
polling away from a central NetView for AIX machine and improved
monitoring of distributed AIX systems. This edition adds further
details of the enhanced usability of Systems Monitor provided by the
features of NetView for AIX Version 4.

This document is intended for use by people who are planning or
implementing distributed systems and network management. Some
knowledge of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is assumed.


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 No. 273
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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