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All About Tivoli Management Agents by Ibm

The Tivoli Management Agent is delivered in a variety of ways, from preloaded systems, to being packaged with communications adapters and operating systems. When a company decides to deploy the Tivoli Framework, how can they take advantage of the Tivoli Management Agents already existing on many of their users' systems? This redbook investigates the prepackaging of Tivoli Management Agents and documents techniques to quickly enable these agents and to immediately utilize them in conjunction with the Tivoli Management Applications.

We will investigate and document how to start the agents, how to have them automatically insert themselves into a Tivoli Management Region, and how to have the systems on which they execute added to the appropriate application's profile managers. This book will help customers, and those who provide services for customers, build a plan for the rapid deployment of Tivoli in environments ranging from small to large.


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 No. 272
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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