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The first Hibernate Application hibernate tutorial

The first Hibernate Application (hibernate tutorial)

For the beginning, we will do a very simple console based Hibernate Application. We will use an in-memory database, so we do not have to install any server stuff. Feedback about this tutorial appreciated via

Let's assume we want to have a small application where we can store events we want to attend and who hosts these events. We decide we want to use Hibernate for storage, because we heard it is the coolest thing in persistence :)

So the first thing we will do is set up our development directory and put all the jar-Files we need in it. We have to download the Hibernate distribution from the Hibernate download page. Extract the needed jars from the hibernate archive. We will place them all in a lib directory under the development dir, so your devel directory should now look like this:

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 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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