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This week in the Java Reference Guide, I share my JavaOne interview with John McCready, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SavaJe. SavaJe hosted JavaOne's "Device of the Show" in 2006, which is a CDC-based cell phone capable of hosting Java Swing and Java 2D based applications. In this interview learn more about JSR 209, the Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package for the J2ME Platform; the device of the show itself, the GSPDA Jasper; and the development environment and technology stack that SavaJe has built to facilitate developing, testing, and deploying applications to this device.

Elsewhere on Informit, we have an article by Marcus Zarra entitled, Controlling Both Ends of the Communications Channel: From Cocoa to Servlets. In this continuing series, Marcus explores the difference between developing Java applications and Objective-C applications on Macintosh, and this week turns his attentions to integrating the two technologies.

As JavaOne winds down, we're only a week away from JBoss World 2006 in Las Vegas. I am honored to be presenting a lecture on performance tuning at JBoss World, but I am also very excited to attend this year as it will be very memorable in light of the recent Red Hat acquisition of JBoss. Matthew Szulik, the CEO and President of Red Hat, is scheduled to speak, in addition to a cast of very talented individuals. If you are in town, stop by and say "hi"!


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 No. 251
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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