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Java Thin Client For Network Computing

In an astonishingly short period of time, Java has emerged as a major force in the computing landscape, both as a programming language for the '90s and as a new platform for the development of heterogeneous network-centric systems. Along with the rise of Java has come the idea of network computing. This redbook looks at these two major forces by positioning network computing within the enterprise and showing how Java can be used to build sophisticated applications in the network computing arena. Using a scenario centered around the Lunar Medical Center, this redbook shows how to design and develop Java-based applications, applets and complete systems and highlights many of the related issues and alternatives that must be examined before an organization can feel "safe" with the new technologies. Developing applications with Version 1.0 of IBM's versatile VisualAge for Java Integrated Development Environment is the focus of this redbook. It will help you install, tailor and configure the new IBM Network Station 1000 to run Java-based applications and applets and show you how to work with the new Lotus eSuite Java-based application on the Network Station.


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 No. 248
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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