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Java2D An Introduction and Tutorial
In Java 1.2, the paintComponent method is supplied with a Graphics2D object (a subclass of Graphics), which contains a much richer set of drawing operations. It includes pen widths, dashed lines, image and gradient color fill patterns, the use of arbitrary local fonts, a floating point coordinate system, and a number of coordinate transformation operations. However, to maintain compatibility with Swing as used in Java 1.1, the declared type of the paintComponent argument is Graphics, so you have to cast it to Graphics2D before using it.

Java 1.1   Java 1.2
public void paint(Graphics g) {    // Set pen parameters    g.setColor(someColor);    g.setFont(someLimitedFont);    // Draw a shape    g.drawString(...);    g.drawLine(...)    g.drawRect(...);     // outline    g.fillRect(...);     // solid    g.drawPolygon(...);  // outline    g.fillPolygon(...);  // solid    g.drawOval(...);     // outline    g.fillOval(...);     // solid    ...  }  
public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {    // Clear off-screen bitmap    super.paintComponent(g);    // Cast Graphics to Graphics2D    Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D)g;    // Set pen parameters    g2d.setPaint(fillColorOrPattern);    g2d.setStroke(penThicknessOrPattern);    g2d.setComposite(someAlphaComposite);    g2d.setFont(anyFont);    g2d.translate(...);    g2d.rotate(...);    g2d.scale(...);    g2d.shear(...);    g2d.setTransform(someAffineTransform);    // Allocate a shape     SomeShape s = new SomeShape(...);    // Draw shape    g2d.draw(s);  // outline    g2d.fill(s);  // solid  }  

1.2 Main New Features

  • Colors and patterns: gradient fills, fill patterns from tiled images, transparency
  • Local fonts
  • Pen thicknesses, dashing patterns, and segment connection styles
  • Coordinate transformations

1.3 General Approach

  • Cast the Graphics object to a Graphics2D object
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {    super.paintComponent(g);  // Typical Swing approach    Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D)g;    g2d.doSomeStuff(...);    ...  }  
  • Create a Shape object
    Rectangle2D.Double rect = ...;  Ellipse2D.Double ellipse = ...;  Polygon poly = ...;  GeneralPath path = ...;  SomeShapeYouDefined shape = ...; // Satisfies Shape interface  ...  
  • Optional: modify drawing parameters
    g2d.setPaint(fillColorOrPattern);  g2d.setStroke(penThicknessOrPattern);  g2d.setComposite(someAlphaComposite);  g2d.setFont(someFont);  g2d.translate(...);  g2d.rotate(...);  g2d.scale(...);  g2d.shear(...);  g2d.setTransform(someAffineTransform);  
  • Draw an outlined or solid version of the Shape
    g2d.draw(someShape);  g2d.fill(someShape);  
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 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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