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Programming In Java Advanced Imaging

THIS document introduces the Java Advanced Imaging API and how to program in it. This document is intended for serious programmers who want to use Java Advanced Imaging for real projects. To best understand this document and the examples, you need a solid background in the Java programming language and some experience with imaging. In addition, you will need a working knowledge of other Java Extension APIs, depending on your intended application:

  • Java 2D for simple graphics, text, and fundamental image manipulation

  • Java Media Framework for components to play and control time-based media such as audio and video

  • Java Sound

  • Java 3D

  • Java Telephony

  • Java Speech


This version of Programming in Java Advanced Imaging is based on release 1.0.1 of the Java Advanced Imaging API. Please do not rely on this document or the Java Advanced Imaging software for production-quality or mission-critical applications. If any discrepancies between this book and the javadocs are noted, always consider the javadocs to be the most accurate, since they are generated directly from the JAI files and are always the most up to date.

About This Book

Chapter 1, "Introduction to Java Advanced Imaging," gives an overview of the Java Advanced Imaging API, how it evolved from the original Java Advanced Windowing Toolkit (AWT), some of its features, and introduces the imaging operations.

Chapter 2, "Java AWT Imaging," reviews the imaging portions of the Java AWT and examines the imaging features of the Java 2D API.

Chapter 3, "Programming in Java Advanced Imaging," describes how to get started programming with the Java Advanced Imaging API.

Chapter 4, "Image Acquisition and Display," describes the Java Advanced Imaging API image data types and the API constructors and methods for image acquisition and display.

Chapter 5, "Color Space," describes the JAI color space, transparency, and the color conversion operators.

Chapter 6, "Image Manipulation," describes the basics of manipulating images to prepare them for processing and display.

Chapter 7, "Image Enhancement," describes the basics of improving the visual appearance of images through enhancement techniques.

Chapter 8, "Geometric Image Manipulation," describes the basics of Java Advanced Imaging's geometric image manipulation functions.

Chapter 9, "Image Analysis," describes the Java Advanced Imaging API image analysis operators.

Chapter 10, "Graphics Rendering," describes the Java Advanced Imaging presentation of shapes and text.

Chapter 11, "Image Properties," describes the tools that allow a programmer to add a simple database of arbitrary data that can be attached to images.

Chapter 12, "Client-Server Imaging," describes Java Advanced Imaging's client-server imaging system.

Chapter 13, "Writing Image Files," describes Java Advanced Imaging's codec system for encoding image data files.

Chapter 14, "Extending the API," describes how the Java Advanced Imaging API is extended.

Appendix A, "Program Examples," contains fully-operational Java Advanced Imaging program examples.

Appendix B, "Java Advanced Imaging API Summary," summarizes the imaging interfaces, and classes, including the java.awt, java.awt.Image, and classes.


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 No. 239
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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