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Using Jaas For Authorization And Authentication


This paper explains how to use the Java Authentication and Authorization API (JAAS). It plugs JAAS into the Struts framework. Though this paper focuses on Struts, and in particular the example application distributed with Struts, the lessons learned should be applicable to any MVC web framework.

In addition, while there are many articles on authentication with JAAS [1], [2] , using the API for authorization is relatively undocumented [3]. This paper will show how to use JAAS to secure resources in an MVC architecture.

There are two points of integration with Struts. During the login process and when the client requests a resource from Struts (which will usually be a URL). At each of these points, the application should defer to JAAS classes to perform the action.

This paper will first examine the JAAS infrastructure and then explain how the integration outlined above took place. If you just want to see the code, download it from here.

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 No. 228
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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