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Campus ATM LAN Emulation and Classical IP Implementation

This redbook describes the LAN emulation over ATM client/server model. LAN
emulation is an ATM service that provides the migration from existing LANs to
an ATM environment. LAN emulation does what its name implies; it emulates
the operation of traditional LANs, and in doing so, makes the
connection-oriented nature of ATM transparent to existing applications on
end-user workstations. This book describes the functions, frame formats and
protocols used by LAN emulation as specified by the ATM Forum. It shows how
IBM's products implement LAN emulation over ATM as well as how to physically
install, configure, and manage these endsystems and ATM connections.

This book was written for networking professionals who need to understand and
implement LAN emulation over ATM in order to migrate from existing LAN
topologies to an ATM environment, where traditional Ethernet and token-ring
LANs coexist with new ATM networks. Knowledge of local area networking
concepts and protocols, an understanding of the basic concepts of ATM
networking, as well as the fundamentals of data communications, is required
in order for the reader to benefit from this publication.


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 No. 220
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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