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Tri-stat Dx Core System Role playing Game

The quest for the perfect role-playing system. Endless ... tireless ... it constantly
eludes your grasp. You cross your fingers and take a deep breath as you open the first
page of this book. Is Tri-Stat dX the answer you've been waiting for?
Sorry, but probably not. It may come damn close, though.
Everyone has a preference concerning the elements they like in an RPG. Ruleslight
vs. rules-heavy. Point-based vs. class-based. Effects-based vs. power-based.
Three stats vs. six stats vs. nine stats. Multi-genre vs. campaign specific. Roll low vs.
roll high. Modular vs. integrated. Bell curve vs. linear. d6 vs. d10 vs. d20.
Independent rolls vs. opposed rolls. Role-playing intensive vs. combat intensive. The
list is endless.
Our Role-Playing Game Manifesto on page 2 gives you insight into our design
philosophy at GUARDIANS OF ORDER. If you want a few more hints into what Tri-Stat
dX has in store, you can consider it a rules-light, point-based, effects-based, threestat,
multi-genre, roll-low, modular, bell-curved, independent-rolling, role-playingintensive
game system that uses any sized dice.
So is this the game for you?
Read on. We'll let Tri-Stat dX speak for itself.

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 No. 214
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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