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A DB2 Enterprise Query Environment Build It with QMF for Windows by Ibm

Database management system implementations within a single company are no longer restricted to a single data source that is easy to administer and easy to access from a single front end application. Today, the typical database infrastructure has become very diverse, with relational database management systems from various vendors, and may also be installed on different operating systems. In addition, these RDBMSs are not the only data sources; a considerable amount of data can also be stored in hierarchical databases such as Information Management System (IMS) and Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM).

Administering and accessing these diverse data sources can easily become
a nightmare for people who need to work with them. Each database management system may provide a different user interface, and this fact alone makes end users and companies unhappy, because they must either learn different user interfaces or must invest extensively in education.

In this redbook we describe how to set up an Enterprise Query Environment, where users can access different database management systems using the same front end application. Also, they can share the queries they created with other users, by either storing the queries at the appropriate database server or in a LAN accessible file. The database administrator will have the opportunity to restrict the resources available to each user, or user groups, thereby balancing the expected workload.

This redbook will help you design and implement a solution to build an Enterprise Query Environment using QMF for Windows. We discuss specifics for three typical users of this product: database administrators, application developers, and end-users. We describe the WWW functionality and other specifics of the product, such as its capabilities for Business-to-Business and Customer-to-Business applications. The information provided particularly applies to Version 6, Release 1 Refresh of QMF for Windows, Program Number 5655-DB2, for use with the Windows NT Operating System.

First, we introduce Query Management in general and give a short history of the QMF product family. We then discuss typical problems and possible solutions when dealing with a distributed database and query environment. We also describe the idea of the Enterprise Query Environment to be outlined in the rest of the book, and explain how to get started with setting up the Enterprise Query Environment. Included are the basics of the networking protocol used in our scenario (TCP/IP and SNA), configuration of these protocols, and installation of the QMF for Windows product.

After discussing QMF for Windows from the perspective of a database administrator (DBA), we present the necessary information for a software developer who wants to use the QMF for Windows application programming interfaces (APIs), with examples of Microsoft Visual Basic, Delphi, and C++ application development. For the end user of QMF for Windows, we cover the main tasks that the user of this product will typically need to perform. We conclude with a summary of topics not previously covered, and offer some hints on future directions for this versatile product.


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 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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