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eBusiness Intelligence Front End Tool Access to OS 390 Data Warehouse by Ibm

Based on the IBM e-BI architectural framework, this IBM Redbook explains the building blocks required to connect front-end e-BI user tools to the OS/390 data warehouse or data mart. It also shows the Web integration in the architecture and the accessibility of the data warehouse from browser-based clients in an e-business environment. The book provides:
An overview of e-BI user connectivity and architectural framework on OS/390, as well as guidance on choosing the appropriate e-BI front-end user tool or e-BI user application, based on end-user profiles.
Connectivity methodologies, contrasting Web-based middleware with traditional client/server middleware in 2-tier or N-tier solutions connecting users to the OS/390 data warehouse or data mart.
The steps needed to implement front-end e-BI user tools accessing the OS/390 data warehouse and OLAP data mart. We highlight the stumbling blocks and show the implementation steps for:
QMF for Windows
DB2 OLAP Server Analyzer


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 No. 201
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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