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Data Warehousing with DB2 for OS 390 by Ibm

This redbook will help you design and tune DB2 for OS/390 in a data warehousing environment. It contains considerations for modeling, such as the entity relationship and star schema models.
This redbook will also help you evaluate the performance and scalability of DB2 for OS/390 in a data warehousing environment, by providing several measurements performed by IBM with internal and customer data. It proves that DB2 on the S/390 platform is a very good choice for hosting a data warehouse and provides data that supports this statement.
The redbook provides hints on how to design the database and explains how parallelism works and how to take advantage of it.
This redbook discusses choices for database design and SQL tuning for a data warehouse in a parallel multinode environment. It explains how to partition and select keys, which secondary indexes should be added, and how indexes affect canned and ad hoc SQL processing. Real-world data warehouse application examples form the backdrop to the technical analysis in this redbook.
The audience for this redbook is anybody with an interest in data warehousing. Parts of the book can be read by managers and parts of the book are directed to technical professionals, such as database administrators and systems programmers.


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 No. 200
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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