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OS2 to Linux Client Transition


This IBM Redbook provides information related to the viability of Linux as a client platform. It targets technical personnel who are involved in evaluating Linux as a possible client platform. It also targets administrators and support personnel who are responsible for supporting client systems. This redbook can also be helpful to anyone who is evaluating the potential of using Linux for enterprise client systems. However, the key focus is on environments where OS/2 is currently used.

Many enterprises have been using OS/2 as a stable platform for critical enterprise client applications. However, as those enterprises look to the future, they look for a platform on which they can build a strategy that is open, standards-based, secure, and provides a cost-effective solution. Linux has become successful as a server platform in many of these same enterprises. It comes as no surprise that these enterprises also want to evaluate the possibility of including Linux for many of their client systems.

This redbook describes platform and functional considerations for choosing Linux as a client platform. It examines techniques and facilities for administering Linux clients, coexistence of Linux clients with other platforms, and a technique to easily install Linux clients based on the well-known OS/2-based CID methodology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Linux
Chapter 2. Platform considerations
Chapter 3. Functional considerations
Chapter 4. Linux client administration
Chapter 5. Coexistence considerations
Chapter 6. Migration considerations
Chapter 7. Linux client installation
Appendix A. Basic Linux for OS/2 users
Appendix B. Additional material


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 No. 194
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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