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Examples Using AIX NetView Service Point

This document is intended to provide the network and systems
management professional with an overview and examples of using AIX
NetView Service Point and complementary applications including AIX
NetView for AIX V4.1.

This document contains examples of using user-written and NetView for AIX
applications together with AIX NetView Service Point and AIX SNA Server
to address network and system management challenges.

This document is intended to supplement development division
documentation regarding NetView for AIX and its related family of
products. Although this document does not specifically discuss
SystemView, it is intended that this document contribute to the list
of growing examples of how NetView for AIX participates in a
SystemView strategy.

This document is intended for personnel who need information related
to the marketing and acceptance of network and system management
products in SystemView environments which include AIX. A general
knowledge of NetView for AIX plus IBM and customer computing systems
and C language programming is assumed.


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 No. 190
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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