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AIX Storage Management

This document provides a general introduction to storage management
using AIX on the RS/6000. Concepts and terminology are covered
before describing in more detail the operating system components: the
Logical Volume Manager, and file systems. Using this foundation, it then
describes the additional features and functions provided with AIX
Version 4; useful commands are also detailed, as well as a guide to
organizing storage. In order to illustrate the topics covered, and
provide examples of common practical application, a section containing
detailed step by step information on a variety of storage management
tasks is included.

This document is intended for customers and systems engineers who
require a more detailed understanding of storage management with AIX
on the RS/6000, particularly the additional features provided with
AIX Version 4, and who wish to have access to practical examples.
Some knowledge of AIX Version 3 is assumed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Storage Management Related Concepts 1.0
Chapter 2. Hardware Storage Components 2.0
Chapter 3. Operating System Software Components 3.0
Chapter 4. AIX Version 4 Storage Management Enhancements 4.0
Chapter 5. Storage Subsystem Design 5.0
Chapter 6. General AIX Storage Management 6.0
Chapter 7. Storage Management Files and Commands Summary 7.0
How to Understand and Use this Chapter 7.1
Chapter 8. Practical Examples 8.0
Appendix A. Overview of Hardware Components A.0
Appendix B. Higher Level Storage Management Products B.0
Appendix C. General Volume Group Recovery C.0


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 No. 189
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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