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Linux Web Hosting with WebSphere DB2 and Domino

Linux, the open source operating system, is regarded as one of the main key operating system in the future of e-business. IBM has provided a set of e-business applications on Linux to make it an advanced and robust e-business platform. The key offerings from IBM are the WebSphere application server, IBM Database 2, and Lotus Domino.

This book discusses implementing Linux as an e-business platform. Detailed information is provided on designing the system based on the e-business Pattern, setting up and configuring the software, developing the e-business solution and operating the Web server. This book enables Web administrators and programmers to get up-to-speed with the exploding growth of e-business by using Linux platforms and IBM offerings. Examples are explained in great detail to ensure complete coverage of the programming tricks. This book also includes a CD-ROM that contains the source codes of all the components that we develop and use, which serves as an example of the e-business development that we perform on Linux.

This book is a must for Web administrators and programmers that want to deploy Linux based e-business configurations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Project introduction
Chapter 2 Setup and configuration
Chapter 3 Building the Web server
Chapter 4 Operational considerations
Chapter 5 Extending the case study


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 No. 185
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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