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AIX and Linux Interoperabilty


This IBM Redbook discusses interoperability in terms of UNIX to UNIX cross platform data sharing and user/system management. This redbook also demonstrates the similarities and differences between the AIX and Linux operating systems.

This redbook is intended to help IT specialists who have AIX systems and Linux systems in their environments understand how to integrate and optimize AIX systems in a Linux environment and share AIX resources with Linux systems. We have focused our descriptions on the following areas:

- User management
- Networking
- Data sharing
- System management
- Security
- Linux for IBM eServer pSeries and RS/6000

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Identification and authentication
Chapter 2. Centralized user management
Chapter 3. Single sign-on
Chapter 4. Networking services
Chapter 5. Sendmail
Chapter 6. Samba file and print server
Chapter 7. NFS
Chapter 8. File systems and data archiving
Chapter 9. Security
Chapter 10. System administration applications
Chapter 11. Printer sharing
Chapter 12. Linux for IBM eServer pSeries and RS/6000


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 No. 179
 Posted on 8 June, 2006
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