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Colonial Children

ONE summer a ship came from Norway to Greenland. The skipper's name was Thorning Karlsefni, and he was the son of Thord called "Horsehead," and a grandson of Snorri. Thorning Karlsefni, who was a very wealthy man, passed the winter there in Greenland, with Lief Ericsson. He very soon set his heart upon a maiden called Gudrid, and sought her hand in marriage.

   That same winter a new discussion arose concerning a Wineland voyage.2 The people urged Karlsefni to make the bold venture, so he determined to undertake the voyage, and gathered a company of sixty men and five women. He entered into an agreement with his shipmates that they should each share equally in all the spoils. They took with them all kinds of cattle, as they intended to settle the country if they could. Karlsefni asked Lief for his house in Wineland.3 Lief replied that he would lend it but not give it.

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 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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