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The Consumer Viewpoint by Mildred Maddocks

Department of Household Engineering

It has been Good Housekeeping's privilege to build up, as a source for reader service, many departments that are unique and noteworthy in the extent to which they have gone in measuring consumer needs and consumer viewpoint.

In the following pages are presented some observations made by one of these departments as the result of years of research and investigation in the field of household appliances.

Generally speaking, most man-made devices are man-used.  Here is an industry whose products are man-made, but woman-used.  It is this fundamental condition that has placed the merchandising and selling problems of the industry absolutely in a class by themselves and has made them of peculiar importance and significance.

It is hoped that the material given herein may be of real service to those whose interest lies in knowing more about one of our most rapidly growing and least understood industries and also to those who would better understand the basic element in all manufacturing and selling.


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 No. 137
 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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