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In the Pecos Country


In the valley of the Rio Pecos, years ago, an attempt at founding a
settlement was made by a number of hardy and daring New Englanders,
whose leader was a sort of Don Quixote, who traveled hundreds of
miles, passing by the richest land, the most balmy climate, where all
were protected by the strong arm of law, for the sake of locating
where the soil was only moderate, the climate no better, and where, it
may be said, the great American government was as powerless to protect
its citizens as was a child itself.  The Rio Pecos, running through
New Mexico and Texas, drains a territory which at that time was one of
the most dangerous in the whole Indian country; and why these score or
more of families should have hit upon this spot of all others, was a
problem which could never be clearly solved.

The head man, Caleb Barnwell, had some odd socialistic theories,
which, antedating as they did the theories of Bellamy, were not likely
to thrive very well upon New England soil, and he pursuaded his
friends to go with him, under the belief that the spot selected was
one where they would have full opportunity to increase and multiply,
as did the Mormons during their early days at Salt Lake.  Then, too,
there was some reason to suspect that rumors had reached the ears of
Barnwell of the existence of gold and silver along this river, and it
was said that he had hinted as much to those whom he believed he could
trust.  Be that as it may, the score of families reached the valley of
the Upper Pecos in due time, and the settlement was begun and duly
christened New Boston.

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 Posted on 7 June, 2006
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